Is Your iPhone Mysteriously Shutting Down When You're Asleep? There Might Be A Glitch Causing It

In a peculiar turn of events, a rising number of Apple aficionados are waking up to find their iPhones mysteriously powered off during the night. This isn’t just an isolated incident; it’s a trend that’s been catching steam across various iPhone models.

What Happened? Zac Hall from 9to5Mac recently highlighted this issue, revealing that his iPhone 15 Pro Max, running on iOS 17.0.3, took an unscheduled snooze between midnight and 3 a.m. And if you’re thinking it’s just a hiccup with the new iPhone 15 series, think again.

A dive into the iOS subreddit reveals users of older models echoing similar experiences. Nathan Lessage, a Redditor, shared his morning surprise when his iPhone demanded a SIM pin re-entry and refused to exit sleep focus without a nudge.

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But what’s causing these nocturnal shutdowns? While Apple remains tight-lipped, the breadcrumbs seem to lead to a potential bug in iOS 17. This glitch might be playing tricks with battery usage stats or, worse, causing iPhones to shut down for extended durations.

For the curious and concerned, here’s a quick hack to check if your iPhone’s been playing possum: head to Settings, tap on Battery, and select “Last 24 hours.” If there’s a gap in the battery consumption chart, well, you’ve got a sleeping beauty on your hands.

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