YouTuber Sourav Joshi Makes ₹80 Lakhs A Month - X Users Debate How


A user of social media platform X (formerly Twitter) has drawn attention to how India’s top YouTube vlogger makes a large amount of money every month, drawing a range of reactions online.

What Happened: X user Saurabh Sharma recently took to X to disclose the earnings of Sourav Joshi, India’s biggest vlogger. According to Sharma, Joshi makes a whopping ₹80 lakhs per month solely from YouTube AdSense.

Sharma also highlighted Joshi’s content strategy, which he said includes buying a new car every one to two months and selling the old ones. This approach, Sharma suggests, provides a continual stream of content for Joshi’s vlog while getting back part of his initial investment.

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While Sharma said there may be better ways for Joshi to utilize his capital, he acknowledged the effectiveness of Joshi’s “arbitrage” scheme.

Sharma shared a screenshot of Joshi’s AdSense revenue from one of his videos as his source for the ₹80 lakh figure.

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The World Of Vlogging: Sourav Joshi, with 22.8 million subscribers, is a significant figure in the vlogging industry. His substantial income from YouTube AdSense alone is indicative of the potential profitability of digital content creation.

Moreover, Joshi’s strategy of regularly updating his car collection demonstrates a unique method of maintaining viewer interest and generating fresh content.

One user opined that once a content creator crosses a certain threshold, they just need to keep uploading consistently to stay successful.

However, one user refuted the claim, saying Joshi still had many of the vehicles featured in his videos.

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