Market Maestros' Melee: Alok Jain And Sushil Kedia Tangle In Heated Social Media Exchange

In a recent social media clash on platform X, renowned market analysts Alok Jain, founder of, and Sushil Kedia, CEO of Kedianomics, exchanged words — parts of which definitely fall under the label of “very strong language”.

What Happened? The dispute ignited when Jain highlighted the decline in Saregama‘s share price, urging traders to plan wisely to avoid significant losses. A user’s query linking Jain’s tweet to Kedia escalated tensions, leading to a series of fiery exchanges.

Kedia labelled Jain a “certified fraud” and accused him of using deceptive tactics on Twitter, including operating fake accounts to troll others. He also questioned Jain’s educational credentials, calling him a “100% fraudster.” Jain responded with a light-hearted “LoL,” suggesting that Kedia felt targeted even though he wasn’t explicitly mentioned.

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Kedia’s subsequent responses were laden with warnings and derogatory remarks, referring to Jain as “Khajoor” (date in Hindi), implying insignificance. He also categorized people as honey bees, who seek sweetness, and bees seeking unpleasantness, insinuating Jain belongs to the latter.

A user’s comment labelling Kedia as a “Queen bee” saw Jain responding with laugh emojis, further infuriating Kedia, who then issued a written warning, threatening incarceration for any more perceived attacks. Jain retorted, considering the threat grounds for a police complaint and advised its withdrawal.

This digital altercation between the two market experts has left the financial community on the platform buzzing, reflecting the intense rivalries and differing philosophies within the industry. The unfolding drama underscores the importance of maintaining decorum in professional interactions, even in the virtual world.

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