Akasa Air Soars Beyond Borders: Sets Sights On International Skies!

Akasa Air has secured the nod to kick off international flights, as per a recent report — a move which is a big leap in Akasa’s expansion plans.

What Happened? Insiders tell the Economic Times that Akasa Air is setting its sights on launching international routes by December, targeting the Middle East first.

While they’ve got the approval for international ventures, they’re now waiting for traffic rights and the go-ahead from the countries they aim to fly to. These traffic rights come from mutual agreements between countries, ensuring everyone gets a fair share of the sky.

Historically, popular routes between India and the Middle East, such as those to Dubai and Doha, often fill up, making it tough for newcomers to secure a spot.

Airlines can only fly a set number of flights based on their given rights.

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Why it Matters? This move is a big win for Akasa Air, as they aim to spread their wings beyond India. International routes are often seen as cash cows due to less competition and the chance to use their planes on longer journeys.

In the past, airlines had to wait five years and have 20 planes before going international. But a 2016 change in India’s aviation rules scrapped this, letting new airlines tap into international markets.

Akasa Air’s global move mirrors the broader trend in Indian aviation, with major players eager to ride the post-Covid global travel wave.

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