You Won't Be Able To Overpay Your Credit Card Dues Soon: Here's Why

In a move that might surprise many, Indian banks are putting the brakes on credit card users who pay more than their due amount. Why, you ask? The primary concern is the looming shadow of potential money laundering and fraud.

What Happened? Delving into the issue, we observe that savvy hackers have exploited these overpayments, particularly for international transactions. To counteract this, banks have fortified their applications, ensuring customers can’t overpay. If you’re thinking of using another bank to send that extra money, think again. The card-issuing banks are on their toes, promptly returning any surplus funds within a week.

Per a Times Of India report, major players like HDFC Bank, SBI Card, and Axis Bank have already updated their apps to prevent customers from paying over their outstanding amount. Interestingly, some ICICI Bank customers report that they can still overpay, but it’s uncertain how long that will last.

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Time to change strategy: An HDFC Bank spokesperson shed some light on the matter, emphasizing that a credit card isn’t a savings account. It’s a lending product, and customers shouldn’t treat it as a place to park extra funds. They added, “A credit card isn’t designed to be a prepaid product that allows loading and utilization.”

For those who habitually overpay their credit card bills, often in preparation for a big purchase or an upcoming international trip, this change might require a bit of a strategy shift. The days of overpaying to create a buffer might just be coming to an end. So, next time you’re about to pay that credit card bill, remember: pay what you owe, not a rupee more.

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