Zomato Delivery Agent Gets Daringly Creative With 'High'-ly Unusual Offer, Viral Post Has X Users In Splits

In a zesty twist to the ordinary, a Zomato delivery partner might’ve just taken the meaning of customer service to a new high (pun intended). You know, you’re minding your business, hungry, and your food’s on the way. But this Zomato delivery guy wanted to jazz things up a bit. How, you ask? By offering a side of “secret ganja” with the ordered meal.

What Happened? Sakshi Jain's tweet paints the amusing picture: her roommate orders food, and the delivery text she receives reads, “I am on my way to deliver your order. Need anything else? Secret Ganja (Marijuana), etc.” Yup, not your everyday “extra sauce” request.

Twitter or X as it’s known now, as it usually does, had a field day. One user couldn’t resist punning with ‘ganja,’ asking if the delivery guy was inquiring about the customer’s baldness and offering hair oil. Others chimed in, joking about the “extra caring” nature of the guy who’s pushing the envelope—literally. A user even quipped that it’s stunts like these that have Zomato’s share prices soaring.

Though it’s all fun and games on the internet, remember kids: ordering “extra greens” should strictly refer to vegetables.

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