ITC Missed A Biscuit In A Packet Of Marie And That Cost Them A Lakh

ITC Limited finds itself in a crumbly situation over a single missing biscuit and will now have to cough up ₹1 lakh for a seemingly small error.

What Happened? Chennai’s P Dillibabu, while feeding stray dogs, noticed that his Sunfeast Marie Light pack, which promised 16 biscuits, was short by one. When he didn’t get a satisfactory response from ITC or the store, he took the matter to court.

Doing some quick math, Dillibabu pointed out that if ITC shortchanged a biscuit in each of their 50 lakh daily packs, they’d be skimming off a whopping ₹29 lakh daily from consumers.

ITC’s defense? They claimed biscuits are sold by weight, not count. But here’s the twist: the court found that even by weight, the 15-biscuit pack was lighter than advertised. ITC then played the ‘Legal Metrology Rules of 2011’ card, suggesting a tiny weight discrepancy is allowed. But the court wasn’t buying it, stating that biscuits don’t magically lose weight over time.

ITC’s own packaging promised 16 biscuits. The verdict? ITC was asked to cough up ₹1 lakh for Dillibabu and halt sales of that biscuit batch. Talk about a costly cookie crumble!

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