Most Consumers Use Their Phones In Stores To Compare Prices Online, Reveals Survey

A significant revelation from a recent PWC survey is that a vast majority of Indian consumers are using their smartphones in-store to compare prices, ensuring they get the best deals.

What does the survey say? Nearly 5 out of 10 Indian consumers almost always or frequently use their smartphones in-store to compare prices or view live product reviews on social media before making a purchase, states PWC’s June 2023 Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey.

The survey found that 90% of Indian consumers prefer online shopping, with a majority making purchases at least once a week. This digital inclination extends to physical stores as well, where consumers are increasingly relying on their smartphones. The trend underscores the blurring lines between online and offline shopping experiences.

Moreover, 70% of respondents are now more focused on saving money, which could explain the in-store price comparisons. With 60% of consumers favouring stores offering promotions or discounts, it’s evident that value for money remains a top priority.

Secondary priorities: Interestingly, while price is a significant factor, 85% of consumers also prioritize health and safety measures when choosing a store. This indicates a balanced approach to shopping, where consumers seek both value and safety.

The survey also highlighted a surge in nationalism, with 80% of respondents showing a preference for local products. This suggests that while consumers are price-conscious, they also value and support local businesses.

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