Watch Mark Zuckerberg Talk About Elon Musk In Hindi, Thanks To AI

Love a YouTube video but hate that it's not available in your language? A developer has now come up with a fix for it, demonstrating it by translating the audio of the Lex Fridman x Mark Zuckerberg podcast from English to Hindi, complete with lip synchronisation.

What Happened: A developer named Prady has posted a translated version of Fridman's conversation with Meta Platforms Inc. co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. He translated the audio from English to Hindi using ChatGPT, prompt engineering, voice training and speech-to-text tools from 11labs, and a lip synchronisation API.

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Prady used a combination of these AI tools to bring together different aspects of a video, like audio, visuals, and lip synchronization. This also shows how accessible audio and video editing has become now thanks to AI – what would have otherwise required an experienced editor and sound dubbing has been achieved using a few AI tools.

In fact, Prady says that if you want a YouTube video in any language, all you need to do is send him the link to the video along with the language of your choice, and he'll send you the translated version.

Revolutionary Or Creepy? While AI tools are making tasks easier and more accessible, Prady's example also shines the light on just how easy it has become now to manipulate audio and video recordings.

There is an increasing risk of these tools being misused to spread misinformation. With more refinement, videos could be manipulated enough to go unnoticed by many people.

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