Best Smartphone To Buy Under ₹7,000

In a world where the pace of smartphone launches is relentless to keep track, choosing a smartphone on a budget can feel like navigating through a labyrinth. With a budget of ₹7,000, the challenge intensifies. You’re not merely shopping for a device; you’re hunting for a pocket-friendly ally that strikes a balance between performance and price, and optimally serves your day-to-day needs.

The Indian smartphone market, known for its vast array of options, is a breeding ground for cutthroat competition among brands, each vying to offer the best at this price point. Yet, this crowded arena adds another layer of complexity to the buyer’s journey, making it essential to filter out the noise and hone in on the most suitable choices.

Managing Expectations and Making an Informed Decision

When shopping within the ₹7,000 budget, it’s crucial to align your expectations with the reality of what this price point can offer. High-resolution displays, blazing-fast processors, multi-camera setups, or super-fast charging adapters seen in premium devices may not be on the cards. That said, the key lies in understanding your primary usage and buying a smartphone that checks most of those boxes.

Are you a student who wants a device for online classes and light entertainment? Or perhaps a first-time smartphone user getting acquainted with the digital world? Maybe you’re on the lookout for a secondary phone that simply gets the basics right. Whichever your scenario, there’s a smartphone out there tailor-made for your requirements.

Best Mobile Phones Under ₹5,000


The POCO C51, a noteworthy addition to Poco’s entry-level smartphone line, emerges as a strong choice for buyers in search of a balance between affordability and competent performance.

In the performance realm, the POCO C51 shines with its MediaTek Helio G36 Processor paired with 4GB of RAM. An innovative feature is its capacity to add 3GB of virtual RAM, making a total of 7 GB. This bolsters the phone’s multitasking capabilities, allowing seamless switching between apps, a boon for users juggling between productivity and leisure activities.

The POCO C51 offers generous 64GB internal storage, making it an attractive choice for those needing ample space for apps, multimedia content, and documents.

Fueled by a robust 5000mAh battery, this phone promises long hours of uninterrupted use, catering to power users who need their device to stay alive through the day.

Running on Android 13 Go Edition, the POCO C51 guarantees a user-friendly interface and efficient handling of apps and system resources.

Though it’s priced slightly above the ₹7,000 bracket, its all-around prowess positions it as a strong buy, especially for individuals seeking a daily driver that effectively balances work and play.

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Motorola Moto E13

Introduced as an entry-level model, the Motorola Moto E13 is a budget-friendly smartphone offering solid functionality and practical features.

Its design is appealing, radiating a premium feel that belies its budget price. A key aspect that distinguishes the Moto E13 is its robust battery life, essential for users who require their phone to last throughout the day without frequent charging.

Running on stock Android, it caters to users seeking a pure Android experience, free from manufacturer-specific apps and customizations. This ensures smooth performance and an easy-to-navigate user interface.

The Moto E13’s display is serviceable for its price, offering a satisfactory viewing experience for casual web browsing, video watching, and light gaming. An additional audio perk is the Dolby Atmos-supported speaker setup, providing clear, multidimensional sound, and enhancing media consumption. Plus, the 3.5mm headphone jack caters to users who prefer traditional wired audio devices.

Sporting a 13MP AI camera, the Moto E13 is suitable for basic photography. It allows users to capture moments and memories for sharing on social media or personal archives.

To conclude, the Moto E13 is a strong contender in the budget smartphone market. Its blend of a pleasing design, stock Android experience, long battery life, and satisfactory multimedia features makes it a worthy choice for users seeking a smartphone that fulfils essential use cases without breaking the bank.

Nokia C12 Pro

The Nokia C12 Pro, an entry into the affordable smartphone market by the iconic Nokia brand, is worth considering for budget-conscious buyers. Unveiled in March 2023, the Nokia C12 Pro comes with a 6.3-inch display and a Unisoc SC9863A1 chipset, indicating solid performance for its category.

A distinguishing trait of the Nokia C12 Pro is its 64GB internal storage coupled with 3GB RAM, which makes it a capable device for basic multitasking and storage of applications, documents, and multimedia content. Powering this smartphone is a respectable 4000 mAh battery, offering reliable usage throughout the day for moderate users, adding value to the overall package.

A standout feature is the inclusion of Android 12 Go Edition, a streamlined version of the operating system designed for entry-level smartphones like the Nokia C12 Pro. This provides users with a cleaner, less resource-intensive Android experience, meaning faster load times for apps and overall smoother phone operation.

While its 720p resolution display may not be the most vibrant, it’s in line with the price bracket, and users have appreciated the phone’s efficiency and battery life.

For those seeking a budget smartphone that delivers satisfactory performance, the Nokia C12 Pro offers a compelling proposition, underlining Nokia’s reputation for crafting reliable, user-friendly devices.

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Redmi 10A

The Xiaomi Redmi 10A, emerging from the reputable stable of Xiaomi, is an alluring choice for cost-conscious smartphone buyers. What stands out in this device is its simplistic design, available in a choice of Black, Silver, and Blue colours, lending an elegant touch to the overall aesthetics.

Equipped with an average chipset, the Redmi 10A doesn’t claim to be a performance powerhouse but it manages everyday tasks reasonably well. For users seeking to fulfil basic smartphone needs such as browsing, social media, email, and occasional multimedia, the Redmi 10A should prove to be a competent companion.

One of the Redmi 10A’s selling points is its camera. With a 13MP sensor, it delivers respectable photographic performance for its price range, allowing users to capture moments with decent quality. This camera functionality should prove more than adequate for users who enjoy casual photography or need a camera for functional purposes, such as document capture.

The device’s display and portability have also been praised, hinting at a comfortable in-hand experience and pleasing visual output. Thus, whether it’s for leisurely browsing, reading, or catching up on your favourite shows, the Redmi 10A has you covered.

In summary, the Redmi 10A is a modest yet practical smartphone for those on a budget. Its balance of basic performance, decent camera, and pleasing design make it a compelling option within its price bracket.

Samsung Galaxy F04

Launched in January 2023, the Samsung Galaxy F04 is a smartphone that caters effectively to the budget-conscious segment, highlighting a thoughtful blend of practicality and performance.

One of the notable aspects of this device is its 6.5-inch display, offering a decent visual experience for consumers. Whether it’s for scrolling through social media, watching videos, or playing light games, the large screen provides enough room for these activities.

At its core, the Samsung Galaxy F04 runs on Android 12 with Samsung’s proprietary One UI. This OS and UI combination ensures smooth navigation and a user-friendly interface, a characteristic trait appreciated by Samsung users.

When it comes to storage, the device offers 64GB, which can be expanded with a microSDXC card. This is a practical choice for individuals who need space for their apps, photos, and videos. Although some may argue that 64GB is insufficient for today’s needs, at this price point, it offers reasonable value.

The Samsung Galaxy F04 features a 13MP camera, ideal for capturing casual photos in good lighting conditions. While it may not rival flagship camera phones, it’s more than enough for your day-to-day social media uploads and memories.

In summary, the Samsung Galaxy F04 emerges as a compelling budget smartphone. Its amalgamation of a large display, user-friendly software, expandable storage, and a decent camera provides consumers with a practical, budget-friendly choice that caters to the requirements of regular smartphone usage.

Redmi A2

The Redmi A2 poses a compelling proposition for budget-conscious consumers who refuse to compromise on essential features. One of the first things you’ll notice about this device is its robust 6.52-inch display, which provides ample screen real estate for a fulfilling multimedia experience, whether it’s binge-watching, gaming, or casual browsing.

Under the hood, the Redmi A2 is equipped with a capable Helio G36 chipset, backed by 4GB of RAM. This combination provides a smooth user experience for regular tasks and light gaming. While it may not be a device for heavy-duty performance, it admirably meets the demands of everyday use like social media, email, and web browsing, serving most users’ needs effectively.

A massive 5000mAh battery powers the Redmi A2, ensuring it stays up and running throughout the day. Such a long-lasting battery life is excellent for users who are constantly on the move and need their phones to keep up.

Lastly, the 64GB storage capacity allows for a reasonable amount of apps, photos, and videos, catering to users who require a decent amount of space for their digital content.

All in all, the Redmi A2 stands out as a well-rounded budget smartphone, offering a blend of decent performance, an expansive display, and excellent battery life. This balance makes it a compelling buy for those who need a reliable, everyday smartphone without breaking the bank.

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