If You Invest ₹10,000 In Adani Total Gas Today, Here's How Much You'd Have If Stock Reaches Pre-Hindenburg Levels

The Hindenburg report ruined the Adani Group‘s new year. All 10 listed stocks of the conglomerate were hit hard after US-based Hindenburg Research accused Gautam Adani of "pulling the largest con in corporate history". But the hardest hit of the lot was Adani Total Gas.

The Investment: If you invest ₹10,000 in Adani Total Gas, you would be able to purchase 15 shares of the company. Now the stock on Jan 23 – just a day before the Hindenburg report came out – had hit a 52-week high of ₹4,000.

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So, if the stock does a crazy comeback and reaches those levels again, the value of your 15 shares would race up to ₹60,000. A six-times return on your initial investment.

The Risk: The Hindenburg report alleged financial impropriety within the Adani Group, including claims of stock manipulation, over-leveraging, and accounting fraud. The Adani Group stocks have been extremely volatile since the report came out. The stocks may have recovered a bit but are still under very heavy scrutiny. Adani Total Gas has shed over 80% of its share value since the report came out. Just last month, the stock hit a new 52-week low of ₹620.05.

Price Action: Adani Total Gas’s share price was up 0.31% to trade at ₹641.50 in the mid-market hours of trading on Tuesday.

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