McDonald's India Pulls Tomatoes Out Of Its Menu Amid Soaring Prices

McDonald’s India’s North and East divisions announced on Friday their decision to remove tomatoes from their menu items due to seasonal procurement challenges.

What Happened? The company expressed its difficulties in securing tomatoes that meet its strict quality control standards because of the current seasonal disruptions.

India’s tomato prices have soared due to the impact of heavy rainfall and seasonal issues on supply chains, transportation, and crop quality. Prices in regions such as Delhi, Kolkata, and Uttar Pradesh have climbed to ₹130-155 per kg.

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In their statement, McDonald’s India assured that this was a temporary situation, promising to reintegrate tomatoes into their menu as soon as possible.

The fast-food giant had previously faced a similar issue in July 2016, leading to the removal of sliced tomatoes from its products in North and East India.

McDonald’s India sources its tomatoes from various Indian states, including Karnataka, Punjab, and Maharashtra. These tomatoes typically reach McDonald’s restaurants within 1-2 days of harvest, with the company sourcing approximately 3,500 – 4,000 kilograms of tomatoes daily, as per a 2017 blog post.

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