Mark Zuckerberg Ends 11 Years Of Vanvaas, Tweets About Threads On Twitter

Mark Zuckerberg broke his decade-long Twitter silence, sparking intrigue and speculation with a meme targeted at Elon Musk on the same day Meta Platforms Inc.'s decentralized social media platform, "Threads" went live. 

What Happened: On Thursday, Zuckerberg ended his self-imposed “vanvaas” from Twitter by posting a tweet in over a decade. The social media titan seized the moment to take a playful dig at rival Musk, coinciding with the highly-anticipated launch of Threads, a new social media platform. 

The term "Vanvaas" refers to a period of self-imposed seclusion or exile. In this case, it symbolizes Zuckerberg’s prolonged absence from the Twitterverse, where he had refrained from sharing his thoughts and engaging with the public since 2012. 

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Zuckerberg’s tweet featured a meme of two Spider-Man locked in a face-off. Nevertheless, its underlying message was not lost on observers. It apparently signified the beginning of what could potentially be an intense battle between the two tech giants for social media supremacy.

On the other hand, Zuckerberg also responded to a user's query on Threads focusing on the need for a public conversations app with billion-plus users. He subtly emphasised Twitter’s failure to seize this opportunity. 

His words echo the sentiments of many who feel that Twitter hasn’t fully capitalised on its potential to foster widespread public dialogue

Why It's Important: Musk's tweet and the launch hour of Threads have been hailed as a masterstroke by netizens considering the latest "emergency measures" introduced by Musk's Twitter have pushed many users to the brink. These changes include temporarily limiting the number of tweets one can see daily and mandating sign up for users to read tweets

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