Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar Are Overrated — Why Karjat Is Maharashtra's Best-Kept Secret

Zinger Key Points
  • Karjat's Oleander Farms offers luxurious amenities and ample space to explore.
  • The property has a signature restaurant, Saltt, and provides activities for adventure enthusiasts.
  • Oleander Farms follows sustainable tourism practices and benefits local communities.

As a resident of bustling cities like Pune and Mumbai, I’m all too familiar with the constraints of confined space and the need for breathing room. That’s why I find solace in vacation destinations that offer ample space for respite and relaxation.

Breaking Monotony

Pankaj Seth, a software engineer from Mumbai who shares my love for open space, aptly states, “As a city dweller paying exorbitant rent for my cramped 1 BHK place, I yearn for the luxury of open space. That’s why I seek out vacation properties that offer luxurious amenities combined with ample space to unwind and rejuvenate."

However, popular tourist hotspots near Mumbai, such as Lonavala, Khandala, and Mahabaleshwar, are often overrun with visitors, leaving vacationers feeling confined to the same old weekend plans. 

Sujata Kher, 26, a Management professional, told Benzinga India that she desires a new experience and how she is constantly looking out for newer places. “As a frequent visitor to popular destinations like Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar, and Khandala, I am eager to discover a new vacation getaway near Mumbai that for once allows me to break away from the usual monotony."

Thankfully, there are still plenty of unexplored havens waiting to be discovered. 

In The Woods

Located just a one-and-a-half-hour drive from Mumbai on the NH4, the Oleander Farms in Karjat is a picturesque haven that is rapidly gaining popularity as a luxury retreat. But what sets it apart from other resorts is the sheer scale of its property. 

Oleander Farms, located in Karjat, is emerging as a sought-after upscale destination.

Once a humble family farmhouse, the property has been transformed by 24-year-old Aaliya Ahuja into a sprawling 180-acre oasis, complete with sparkling lakes, winding trails, and vast open lawns, offering guests ample space to explore without ever feeling cramped.

As I arrived at Oleander Farms, I was instantly captivated by the sense of peace and tranquility that engulfed the property. With almost all spaces boasting floor-to-ceiling glass walls, I was immediately immersed in the stunning natural beauty that surrounded me. The soft chirping of birds in the trees, the gentle murmur of water, and the blissfully distant sounds of the city were a world away.

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Although buggies and property cars are available to take guests around the farm, I highly recommend exploring the property on foot. 

A stroll to the lakeside, a long walk to the pool, or a hike on roads that twist and slope to adjust naturally to the landscape is the perfect way to start your day and work up a sweat. And with vast lawns and scenic lakes in abundance, you will have no trouble finding a spot to lounge barefoot and feel the grass beneath their feet.

Not Just For Serenity-Seekers

But Oleander Farms is not just about relaxation and tranquility. The property offers plenty of activities that cater to adventure enthusiasts, with cycling or hiking being a favorite.

However, the showstopper at Oleander Farms is undoubtedly its signature Saltt restaurant, housed in a charming barn adorned with chic white and rustic wooden interiors. The menu at Saltt is diverse, with a range of European, Indian, and Asian cuisine, ensuring there is something for everyone. 

The highlight of Oleander Farms, the luxury estate in Karjat, is its sophisticated signature restaurant, Saltt.

The property offers a distinct and unique attribute that appeals to beer enthusiasts. Commonhouse, the restaurant with  on-site brewery, is where guests can enjoy craft beer. 

Thriving Local Communities

But what sets Oleander Farms apart from other luxury resorts is its serene atmosphere. The sights and sounds of nature are the main attraction, so don’t be surprised if you spot insects crawling past on your walk. 

What distinguishes Oleander Farms from other luxury resorts is its tranquil ambiance.

It is worth noting that the social and economic responsibility of businesses cannot be overlooked in the service industry, especially in tourism. Oleander Farms' approach to employment aligns with sustainable tourism practices, benefiting local communities. The property has invested in hiring primarily from the Karjat village areas to create job opportunities.

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