Fractal Launches Flyfish, Generative AI Sales Tool To Provide 'Consultative Shopping'

Fractal, the billion-dollar AI startup on Wednesday, announced the launch of Flyfish – a generative AI platform for digital sales, which provides consultative experiences via intuitive sales advisors.

As per the company, the tool transforms digital sales by analysing an individual's buying patterns, purchase history and preferences to create a personalised shopping experience. Flyfish's data-based approach understands what consumers are looking for instantly and can guide them to the right products digitally, while still feeling like a human interaction.  

The tool can help answer complicated queries from buyers looking to make a purchase and can also suggest products they can buy from the client’s catalogue.

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Pictures from the demo shared with Benzinga India.

Talking about the idea behind the product, Flyfish’s CEO and Founder Shridhar Marri told Benzinga India that users online now need more than convenience, they now also look for consultation when shopping online. “When you walk into a store, you will always find someone who can help you, but on the digital side of things, there’s no one, and that is what we wanted to change,” Marri, who has previously worked at and Infosys added.

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As per Marri, the ai is trained on various domain models and uses Large Language Models (LLMs) to humanise responses. Marri explained that the platform is also capable of providing personalised responses if it is fed with customer data by the companies.

Marri said that the company has been conducting extensive pilots with several clients across sectors and “in the closed pilots that were conducted, a 35% increase in sales was witnessed.”

On the question of the data privacy of users, Marri said that the company takes online privacy very seriously. “None of the personalised data passes through us, the tool connects to the personalised data that is collected by the brands, and whenever that data passes through the platform all of it is encrypted, Flyfish does not store any of that data,” Marri further added.

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