Sam Altman Important Man In AI But Not 'Last Word' On India's Aspirations: Rajeev Chandrasekhar

Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar, in a recent interview, addressed the ongoing discussion around OpenAI CEO Sam Altman‘s recent visit to India and his comments on the challenges of building foundational large language models in the country.

What Happened? In an interview with MoneyControl, Chandrasekhar acknowledged Altman’s expertise in the field, having achieved significant progress with OpenAI, but cautioned against interpreting his views as the definitive word on India’s capabilities in artificial intelligence (AI).

The minister asserted that while Altman’s views command respect, it should not be assumed that Indian start-ups will blindly follow his lead.

“Sam Altman is a respected figure in AI, but he does not hold the final say on India’s AI ambitions or its abilities in the sector,” stated Chandrasekhar.

He noted that he and Altman may not agree on everything and that there are certain areas where India must build its own capabilities, with AI being one of them.

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Chandrasekhar clarified that Indian startups and the broader ecosystem, not just government-led initiatives, will actively develop India’s AI capabilities. He added that this could potentially happen in partnership with figures like Altman.

Possible partnership talk? In response to a question about the possibility of such a partnership, the minister confirmed that Altman’s visit to India was more strategic than touristy.

He expressed confidence that Altman recognises India’s potential and that there will be multiple opportunities for collaboration between Indian startups, the Indian government, OpenAI, and other companies in the future. Such partnerships, Chandrasekhar concluded, will evolve organically over time.

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