HCLTech Sets Up New 5G Lab To Test 'Next-Gen' Mobile Tech

Multinational IT firm HCLTech said on Wednesday it is opening an advanced test lab in Chennai for testing out 5G solutions.

What Happened? The firm said that the newly launched lab will allow global telecom infrastructure original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to test and validate their 5G solutions.

The lab will be equipped with state-of-the-art scanners capable of testing a wide range of cellular base stations and small form factor antennas. These antennas are utilised in various devices such as mobile phones, smart gadgets, health monitoring systems, and remote surveillance systems.

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"We're committed to advancing next-gen mobile telephony with the highest levels of quality, performance and technology. We have a team of highly experienced and skilled engineers to test and verify cellular and non-cellular products with great precision," said Vijay Guntur, president of engineering and R&D services at HCLTech.

Currently, the lab is fully equipped to test and validate 5G telecom antennas operating in frequency bands up to 7 gigahertz. Additionally, it allows for the testing of millimetre-wave frequency 5G infrastructure. This capability enables OEMs and telecom service providers to measure critical parameters that contribute to accelerating time to market and optimizing cellular networks.

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“By leveraging these parameters, telecom infrastructure OEMs can enhance connectivity on both voice and data, driving seamless user experiences,” Guntur added.

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