If You Quit Smoking Last Year And Invested The Money In ITC, Here's How Much You'd Have Today

Shares of ITC have been on a dream run at the bourses. The stock has gone up over 25% since the start of the year and even hit several new 52-week highs. The company’s earnings for the March quarter were mostly in line with estimates. Most analysts were also impressed by the company’s numbers.

For the non-smokers out there, this might seem like just another stock market insight. However, for smokers, particularly those who consume ITC’s Classic Mild cigarettes, this could mean a lot more. If you were a smoker who decided to kick the habit a year ago and instead invested the money you would have spent on cigarettes in ITC shares, here’s what would have happened.

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To put this into perspective, let’s say you used to smoke three packs of ITC Classic Milds a week. Each pack costs around ₹375, so in a week, you would have spent ₹1,125. Multiply that by 52 weeks, and you would have spent approximately ₹58,500 in a year.

Now, if you had taken that sum on May 19, 2022, and bought shares of ITC, which on that day closed at ₹275.65 each. You would have been able to purchase approximately 212 shares of ITC.

Fast forward one year to the present day. The share price of ITC has appreciated significantly over the past year, standing today at around ₹420 levels. Your initial investment of ₹58,500 in ITC shares would have grown to approximately ₹89,040, demonstrating a remarkable growth of over 52%.

Price Action: ITC’s share price was down 0.68% to trade at ₹416.85 in the late hours of trading on Thursday.

Disclaimer: Benzinga India doesn't give financial advice. The above article is for educational purposes alone.

Editor's Note: Artificial intelligence was used as a secondary aid in the writing of this story.

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