Google Bard India Launch: How To Access The ChatGPT Rival Right Now

Google Bard, the artificial intelligence-based chatbot from search engine giant Google, has finally been rolled out in India, alongside more than 180 other countries.

What Happened: Bard, which is Google’s answer to Microsoft-backed ChatGPT, is an experimental conversational AI service. Google’s announced the chatbot in February and opened access to it in March, asking users to join a waitlist. However, users in India were unable to access the chatbot until now.

Google announced at its annual developer conference on Wednesday that most waitlist restrictions on Bard will soon be removed and the chatbot will be more freely available in English.

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How To Access Bard: Users can get a taste of the new AI bot right away by heading over to There is no longer a waitlist and those interested can access the chat service right away by clicking on “Try Bard”. This will grant users access to the service, where they can converse with Bard about a range of topics in English, Hindi and Bengali.

However, users should bear in mind that Bard is still under development and may provide inaccurate information and may not cite its sources at times.

“LLM experiences (Bard included) can hallucinate and present inaccurate information as factual. One example is that Bard often misrepresents how it works. We've seen this occur in a number of instances—for example, in response to prompts asking how it was trained or how it carries out various functions (like citing sources, or providing fresh information),” Google explains in Bard’s FAQ section.

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