D. Muthukrishnan Reminds Investors That Equity Returns Are Always Non-Linear: 'Stay Invested'

Value investor D. Muthukrishnan took to Twitter to remind investors that high returns in equity investment don’t have a set pattern and that long-term holding is often the key to winning big.

What Happened? The expert who likes to share investment takeaways on Twitter believes that returns in equity happen in clusters. According to Muthukrishnan staying invested for the long run is the only thread that runs common between equity investments that earn investors a high return.

Muthukrishnan’s tweet saw fellow stock market expert Naresh Nambisan provide more clarity to what it really meant for an investor. “If you are an investor, remember that major good news in a company comes over time in tranches. They don’t come daily even though small bad blips can come often,” says Nambisan.

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“Staying invested requires strong conviction in what you own. Only you can provide this conviction to yourself and nobody else,” added the stock market influencer.

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The seasoned stock market investor duo were alluding to the fact that there aren’t any short-term hacks in the process. Muthukrishnan, who’s an avid believer in the principles of long-term holding recently tweeted that companies that grow without showing for it in terms of increased share price, generally offer "great opportunity for investing".

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