Salaar vs dunki: what's going on?

Producers of Prabhas' Salaar decide not to provide copies of the film to PVR-Inox and Miraj theatres following reports of exhibitors favoring Shah Rukh Khan's Dunki.

Miraj Group CEO Amit Sharma baffled by Salaar makers' feelings, underscores exhibitors' role in determining film allocations based on audience preferences.

Hombale Films' Chaluve Gowda confirms Salaar's exclusion from PVR-Inox and Miraj outlets, citing perceived unfair treatment; Salaar won't be released in the South.

Gowda stresses the importance of fairness in the industry and states openness to releasing Salaar if exhibitors adjust their plans to provide a level playing field.

Trade source discloses Dunki's team clause: all four shows or none, prioritizing Dunki over Salaar, sparking tension between the films.

Shah Rukh Khan's Dunki, distributed by Pen Marudhar, is set to hit theaters on December 21, while Prabhas-starrer Salaar is scheduled for release on December 22.