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5 Ways to Earn Free Crypto

By Benzinga

May, 2022

Earn $200+ In Free Cryptocurrency

Freecash.com pays users in BTC,  LTC,  ETH, and DOGE, as well as cold hard cash. Sign up at freecash.com

Difficulty = Easy

There are lots of tasks available, including mobile games and completing questionnaires.

Earning Potential: $100+

It is easily possible to earn more than $100 per month, with some users even reaching $1,000+ each month.

Play To Earn (P2E)


Staking offers crypto holders a way to earn a continual source of income by putting their digital assets to work.

Difficulty = Easy

With Voyager, it takes a couple of taps to start earning. Rewards are calculated on an annual basis and paid monthly.

Earning Potential: 10%+

It is possible to earn up to 12.0% APY on your crypto at Voyager!

Crypto Staking


Coinbase, a trading platform, offers a learning program called "Coinbase Earn". This program allows users to learn about cryptocurrency and earn a little but of it at the same time

Difficulty = Medium

To earn free crypto, all you need to do is watch a video, take a 3-question quiz and answer the question correctly.

Earning Potential: $30+

It is possible to get free crypto worth around $30. Plus, the link below will give you a $10 bonus on top of that!

Coinbase Earn


Visa has partnered with Crypto.com to offer a prepaid Visa card with a cash back incentive.

Difficulty = Medium

You can earn Cronos (CRO) coin if you purchase items with the crypto.com card. Different tiers are offered depending on the amount of MCO you stake.

Earning Potential

The program offers 1-5% cash back on all purchases which is notably higher than most debit cards. It features 10% cash back on Airbnb purchases.

Cash Back Program



Aidrops involve crypto projects that send free crypto to their early adopters in a bid to encourage adoption. and generate more interest.

Difficulty = Hard

To be eligible for an airdrop, you may have to  join a discord channel, follow the project's twitter account or use a certain token or platform.

Earning Potential: $1,000+

Crypto airdrops can be worth 5 figures. Recently, the ApeCoin airdrop rewarded early adopters of Bored Ape Yacht Club with over $100,000 worth of APE.

Crypto Airdrops


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