TRF Share Price: All You Need To Know

Tata Group has given the country some of its biggest companies. However, since the start of the year, a smaller Tata company has grabbed a lot of eyeballs. Shares of TRF Ltd have been on an upward trajectory since Tata Steel cancelled the amalgamation. Since then, the micro-cap stock has gone up over 70%.

TRF- Company History

TRF Limited, established on November 20, 1962, in Jamshedpur, boasts a rich legacy in the realm of electromechanical solutions for bulk material handling equipment. Founded through a collaboration between Tata Steel and ACC Limited, TRF has garnered extensive experience over the years in executing diverse electromechanical projects.

With its manufacturing facility and a dedicated design and engineering team based in Jamshedpur, TRF stands at the forefront of innovation in the field of bulk material handling. The company’s strategic location in Jamshedpur, a hub of industrial activity, enhances its capabilities to serve a wide range of industries efficiently.

How To Buy TRF Shares

To buy TRF shares, you can follow this process:

  1. Open a Demat Account: Start by opening a Demat account with a depository participant, such as a bank, brokerage firm, or online trading platform. This account will hold your TRF shares.
  2. Open a Trading Account: Concurrently, establish a trading account with the same institution where you hold your Demat account. This trading account will be used for executing orders on the stock exchange.
  3. Deposit Funds: Fund your trading account by depositing money through various channels, including Internet banking, UPI, or by issuing a check.
  4. Place an Order: Log into your trading account and search for TRF’s stock symbol. Identify it using the ticker symbol “TRF”. Proceed to place an order to purchase TRF shares.
  5. Settlement: Once your order is executed, the acquired TRF shares will be automatically transferred to your Demat account. This settlement process typically takes two days after the trading day (T+2).
  6. Monitor TRF Share Price: Stay informed about the TRF share price by regularly checking the stock exchange or utilizing financial data platforms. This monitoring will assist you in making informed decisions about when to buy or sell your TRF shares based on your investment objectives.

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Factors Affecting TRF Share Price

  1. Market Perception: TRF’s association with the Tata Group influences investor confidence and market perception.
  2. Financial Performance: Quarterly and annual financial reports detailing profitability, revenue, and operational costs impact stock value.
  3. Strategic Decisions: Decisions like the withdrawal of the amalgamation scheme with Tata Steel affect investor sentiment.
  4. Sector Trends: Shifts in the engineering and manufacturing sectors, including demand for bulk material handling systems, influence TRF’s stock.
  5. Regulatory Changes: Government policies related to the sectors TRF operates in can impact business operations and profitability.

Financial Performance

The company posted a 111% YoY jump in its standalone net profit to ₹19 crore from ₹9 crore reported in the same period last year. Revenue from operations was at ₹28.8 crore for the December quarter.

Here’s a table showing the revenue and profit numbers for FY21 to FY23:

YearRevenue Profit
All figures in ₹ crore.

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